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Bluelounge Kicks Protective Rubber Pads for iPad

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Bluelounge Kicks Protective Rubber Pads for iPad


Bluelounge Kicks Protective Rubber Pads for iPad

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With Kicks you keep your iPad or tablet in "as new" condition without needing special protective covers. Two low-profile rubber raisl prevent your iPad from slipping and scratching when used on your desk or working surface. The protective rails run ultra-discreetly along the underside, maintaining intact the orgingal skeek and elegant design.

Key Features:

  • The protective rails run along the backside, providing minimal safekeeping for your valuable life tool.
  • Adheres to your device using 3M Damage-Free adhesive.
  • Easy to use and apply, even comes off without leaving any marks.
  • Kicks use a light 3M adhesive that will not mark your iPad.
  • Reposition and replace at-will without leaving any marks.

Package Includes
4x Protective Rubber Pads "Kicks"

Bluelounge Design Kicks Protective Pads for iPad/iPad 2 and Other Tablets (KS-GR)

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