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Philips PET741M37 Portable DVD Player

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Philips PET741M37 Portable DVD Player

Philips PET741M37 Portable DVD Player
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Philips PET741M37 Portable DVD Player

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Philips PET741M 7" LCD Portable DVD Player

  • Enjoy movies, music, and audio while you are on the go with the PET741M Portable DVD Player from Philips.
  • This DVD player features a 7" LCD screen designed to display your media in rich detail and vibrant colors.
  • Its native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio means you won't get the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen during video playback and without the picture quality loss that often comes from video scaling.
  • In addition to standard DVD playback, the PET741M supports several other multimedia formats, including DVD+/-R and +/-RW, SVCD, CD, and MP3-CD.
  • You can also play JPEG files you have saved onto a compatible disc.
  • Complementing its LCD display, the PET741M's built-in stereo speakers are designed to provide quality sound for your video playback and music.
  • If you need to keep the audio to yourself, you can plug your headphones into the PET741M's 3.5mm port and keep enjoying the stereo sound.
  • Designed for convenience and accessibility, the PET741M features one-touch controls for easy operation and track navigation.
  • A car adapter is included, so you can charge your PET741M while you are on the road using your car's cigarette lighter port.
  • The PET741M provides up to 2 hours of playback on a full battery charge.
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SKU PL1-8442-PET741M37-MRF
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UPC 609585233584
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