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Verizon Sure Emergency Response System ER10VW

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Verizon Sure Emergency Response System ER10VW

Verizon Sure Emergency Response System ER10VW
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Secure a loved one’s safety with SureResponse from Verizon. This wireless personal emergency response system can assist the elderly and housebound remotely.

Key Features:

Standby Time*

*Results may vary, depending on usage, battery charge cycles, enviromental conditions. Etc.
36 hrs
Height 2.4 in
Weight 1.9 oz
Width 1.7 in
Camera None
Battery Non-removable
Size 2.4H x1.7W x0.7D
SAR Body - 1.28W/kg

Package Contents:
 - SureResponse Device
 - Docking Station Charger
 - Travel Charger
 - Wrist Strap
 - Belt Clip
 - 2 Power supplies
 - Telephone Cable
 - Quick Start Guide/User Manual

Personalized emergency assistance

Feel confident and secure knowing 24-hour assistance is available with the press of a button. SureResponse Care Agents can access your location and personal information by GPS.

Personalized emergency assistance
Convenience on the most reliable wireless network

Convenience on the most reliable wireless network

Connect with a SureResponse Care Agent to assist with finding a place of interest like restaurants, banks or friends and family. All on the largest and the most reliable wireless network in America.

Stylish, compact and water-resistant

The SureResponse device is ideal for any lifestyle or scenario. Device can be worn with included wrist strap, belt clip or lanyard (for wearing as a pendant).

Stylish, compact and water-resistant
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