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Logitech Wave Wired Ergonomic Keyboard English/French Layout

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Logitech Wave Wired Ergonomic Keyboard English/French Layout

Logitech Wave Wired Ergonomic Keyboard English/French Layout
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Enjoy all of the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard while using the familiar layout of a standard keyboard. The Logitech Wave Keyboard features a contoured wave-design that naturally conforms to your fingers placement. This constant curve configuration promotes proper hand position for a more ergonomic experience without you having to re-learn how to type.

Discover just how comfortable typing can be with the integrated and cushioned palm rest. The Wave also features three-way tilt legs so that you can adjust the keyboard height to your personal comfort level. You’ll also appreciate the audio cable management functionality. You no longer have to have your headphone wires interfering with your typing. Simply route the cables through the channel on the underside of the keyboard.

The Wave also offers several productivity enhancements. You can access your favorite Windows Vista features with a touch of a button. Access your gadgets, photo gallery and even Flip 3D with ease. There are also multimedia controls for volume and Media Center. Typing should never be a pain and with the Logitech Wave it never will be. Own it today!

  • neweggMAXIMUM COMFORTThe Logitech Wave Keyboard features various ergonomic designs such as a curved keyboard profile, contoured and wave-shaped keys, cushioned palm rest and adjustable keyboard height for the ultimate typing comfort.
  • neweggEASY ACCESS TO WINDOWS VISTAThe Wave Keyboard’s large, one-touch controls provide direct access to key Windows Vista features, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets.
  • neweggHOT KEYSInstant media controls and programmable F-keys are featured for easy access to the Internet, convenient control of media playback and direct application startup.
  • neweggAUDIO CABLE MANAGEMENTA cord channel routes your headphone cords under the Wave Keyboard, helping reduce cable clutter.
Package Include:
  • Logitech Wave Wired Ergonomic  Keyboard only
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