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Uniden BC906W Wireless CB Microphone and Speaker

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Uniden BC906W Wireless CB Microphone and Speaker

Uniden BC906W Wireless CB Microphone and Speaker
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Uniden BC906W Bearcat Wireless CB Microphone

 Key Features:

  • Speaker and microphone in a single unit
  • Push-to-talk control button and Secure sync function
  • Up to 100 meter range
  • Car charger plug with USB connection
  • Compatible with Bearcat 680/880/980 SSB


Communicate outside of your truck with Uniden's BC906W wireless CB microphone. This noise-cancelling speaker and microphone unit gives you added freedom and mobility by connecting wirelessly to your Bearcat CB radio from up to 100 meters away. The CB microphone detaches easily from its charging cradle and syncs securely with the cradle. It uses DECT 6.0 digital format at 1.9 GHz frequency for clear, secure communication. The microphone features a push-to-talk button, an up/down volume control, and three-color LED indicators for transmission status and battery strength. Power-saving features and a convenient USB car charger ensure the microphone stays powered and ready.

Up to 100 Meter Range Enables Out-of-Cab Communication

This Bearcat wireless CB microphone connects securely with your Bearcat CB radio within a range of up to 100 meters, providing both safety and convenience. If you encounter a problem or a roadway hazard, you can move a safe distance away from your cab and still communicate with other truckers. This wireless microphone also gives you the option of communicating out-of-cab with loading dock workers, for improved efficiency and safety. The wireless design creates a less cluttered environment inside your cab and cuts down on potentially view-blocking wires.

Smart Power Saving Features

Maintain battery power with this Bearcat wireless microphone's auto power-down feature. When your Bearcat CB radio is turned off, the microphone automatically powers down after two minutes. It also powers down if it is out of range for more than two minutes. The microphone has an eight-hour battery life and comes with a convenient USB car charger so you can charge it while you drive. LED lights warn you when the battery runs low.

Find Button and Belt Clip Prevent Misplacement

This noise-cancelling wireless CB microphone comes with a handy belt-clip for convenient storage. In addition, the cradle features a Find button that activates a loud locating beep so that you can easily find the microphone if you misplace it.

Convenient Controls for Ease of Use

The Bearcat BC906W wireless microphone features a comfortable push-to-talk button and a convenient up/down volume control for easy volume adjustments. LED lights on the microphone indicate battery strength, so you always know when it's time to return the mic to the charging cradle.

Trucker-Tough, Durable Construction

Uniden's Bearcat wireless CB microphone is trucker-tough and ready for the road. Quality construction ensures reliable performance and durability.

Compatible with Bearcat CB Radios

The Uniden Bearcat wireless microphone provides an instant upgrade to your Bearcat CB radio. Enjoy clear audio, secure communication, and wireless convenience. This microphone is compatible with Bearcat 680, Bearcat 880, and Bearcat 980 SSB CB radios.

Package Includes:
 - Microphone 
 - Power Supply 
 - Screws 
 - Mount 
 - Manual 

* Range varies based on installation, terrain and other factors

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