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Creative Airwave Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC - Red

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Creative Airwave Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC - Red

Creative Airwave Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC - Red
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Creative Airwave Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

Package Includes:

  • Creative Airwave
  • USB Charging Cable


Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC

  • Simplify your life with the Creative Airwave.
  • Unlike other regular speakers, you can experience the convenience of one-touch pairing with its Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.
  • You can also enjoy your music wirelessly on the go, as it comes with Bluetooth® and a rechargeable built-in battery.
  • This uniquely designed speaker, packed with these amazing features, is available in four vibrant colors.


Tap and play!

The Creative Airwave features NFC technology which allows for easy, one-touch pairing by simply tapping your NFC-enabled Bluetoothsmart device on the speaker.


Pair and stream

As for your smart devices that are not NFC-enabled, you can easily pair them with the Creative Airwave via Bluetooth using the conventional method.


Integrated Aux In

You can also enjoy your music by connecting directly to the speaker via the integrated analog Aux-in connector.


With a built-in Lithium polymer battery, your Creative Airwave is truly portable and you're free to place your speaker almost anywhere you please.

You can check your battery levels with voice prompts and the speaker LED also alerts you when you're low on battery.

In addition, the battery level icon is displayed when paired with selected smartphones2. The battery can be easily charged via a standard micro USB connection.



Great sound

The Creative Airwave houses two efficient 3″ full-range drivers that produce stunning, room-filling sound despite its small size.

Clear voice calls

Turn your speaker into a speaker phone with the built-in concealed microphone for dialog clarity in your voice communications.



Make a statement

The Creative Airwave's unique design is a radical departure from the usual rectangular-shaped speakers.

The chassis is constructed to minimize vibrations and the optimal 30-degree front baffle tilt projects audio directly to the listener.

Available in four bold colors, its unique triangular-styled construction, geometric face panel design and smooth curves make it a refreshing addition to any setting.

1 Actual battery life will vary with use and volume settings.
2 Currently supported on iOS devices only



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