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Creative Muvo Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker - Blue

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Creative Muvo Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker - Blue

Creative Muvo Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker - Blue
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Enjoy great audio anywhere and in any weather! Designed to withstand the harshest of weather elements, the MUVO mini is certified with an IP66 Ingress Protection rating that tests it against the harshness of outdoor all-weather usage. The MUVO mini is equipped with 2 full range micro drivers for loud and clear stereo playback, an oversized front bass radiator that delivers BIG SPEAKER BASS and a hidden microphone for answering calls within a compact and portable enclosure. Featuring Tap and Play NFC and Bluetooth technology, you can now stream your music conveniently via Bluetooth or the Aux-in jack for analog devices.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC for fuss free connectivity
  • IP66 certified for dust and water protection
  • Shockingly loud stereo audio from 2 full range micro drivers
  • Oversized front bass radiator delivers “BIG SPEAKER BASS” from a compact size
  • Answers your calls with speakerphone teleconferencing capability

Package Contents:
 - Creative Muvo Mini
 - Micro-Usb Cable

Portable Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker

The Creative MUVO mini takes you further than you''ve gone before in enjoying your music. It''s weather-tested up to IP66 standards and it also has a long battery life of up to 10 hours, which means you can enjoy non-stop music in wild weather or the wildest pool party!

Two Full-Range Micro Drivers

For loud and clear stereo playback.

Oversized Front Bass Radiator

For loud bass.

What's in the Box

  • Creative MUVO mini
  • Micro USB cable

Creative MUVO mini

Creative MUVO mini

Creative MUVO mini

Bring the Party with You

The Creative MUVO mini is designed to be small and compact so you can take it everywhere with you. Let the adventure begin!

Toggle Between Your Playlist and Your Calls

Switching between your phone calls and your playlist is so hassle-free with the Creative MUVO mini. The speaker is integrated with a built-in microphone which enables it to double as a speakerphone. When you are done with your call, simply switch back to your playlist with the tap of a button.

Poolside Cool

Get ready to enjoy some splashing fun with your audio. Weather-tested up to IP66 standards, the Creative MUVO mini is also water and dust resistant, ensuring nothing stops you from enjoying your music in wild weather, or the wildest pool party.

Creative MUVO mini

Creative MUVO mini

Creative MUVO mini

Get the Party Started

Don't underestimate the audio prowess of the Creative MUVO mini because of its size! This speaker pumps out surprisingly loud and clear stereo audio with bass deep enough to get everyone dancing to your playlist.

Aux In

The Creative MUVO mini comes with an integrated 3.5 millimeter aux-in for connection to other analog audio devices.

Tap and Pair

Simply tap on the Creative Mini to pair your NFC-enabled device for fuss-free pairing. Alternatively, you can also connect your device via Bluetooth.

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